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Reading: Open Innovation im Öffentlichen Sektor


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Open Innovation im Öffentlichen Sektor


Herbert Wanner

Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems (Switzerland) GmbH, Wallisellen, Schweiz
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The potential which lays in the new method of open innovation making best use of the power of the internet for the ideas generation process has not been exploited in Switzerland so far. The main question is how the government could make best use of the new paradigm of open innovation for its own purposes making the government and administration more effective. Furthermore government agencies could incentivize the application of open innovation as a new method which promises a better yield then the traditional closed model of innovation.

How to Cite: Wanner, H. (2011). Open Innovation im Öffentlichen Sektor. Jahrbuch Der Schweizerischen Verwaltungswissenschaften, 2(1), 193–214. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 2011.
Peer Reviewed


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